Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SteamCon II

Greetings chrononaughts, aviators, tinkerers, scientists and steampunk enthusiasts! We at Steamcon Central are toiling tirelessly to bring you an even more spectacular convention than our first quite successful Steamcon last October. This year’s steamposium will highlight the Weird Weird West or American steampunk, if you will. Imagine the age of steam on the wild frontier. You are invited to explore with us the world of roughriders on mechanical horses, mad inventors, mystical Indian shamans, and mighty steam locomotives. Picture airships instead of stagecoaches, and the precision of robotic sharp shooters. If western steampunk doesn’t appeal, there will still be lots of classic steampunk to partake of as well. We’ve doubled our space to bring you even more steampunk wonders and delights. The ever popular Mr. Bodewell’s Cabaret will return with expanded hours. Join us for Riverboat Gambler Night, tea parties, concerts and much much more.

Seattle Washington
November 19-21, 2010
Seattle Airport Marriott and the Hilton Seattle Airport Hotel.


Author Guest of Honor: James Blaylock, author of “Homunculus” and considered one of the fathers of steampunk

Artist Guest of Honor: Jake Von Slatt, esteemed maker and exceptionally dapper fellow

Gaming Guest of Honor: Shane Lacy Hensley, creator of “Deadlands”, the popular Weird Western RPG

Much more adventure is in the works. We shall elucidate further as we are able.

Vendor applications will be accepted beginning May 1st

Though the SteamTeam is not strictly affiliated with SteamCon we will likely have many members in attendance and vending.