Saturday, February 13, 2010


Our fabulously talented Steam Team member Myke Amend of Ettadiem on etsy has created the cover art for the new Cherie Priest novella. The cover was released on Subterranean Press. Here's the text from the release:

Clementine cover1 rough.jpg

"Here’s a very rough look at the cover to Cherie Priest’s long (50k word) novella Clementine, which picks up where her novel Boneshaker left off, with some different characters, and a new adventure. was first on the scene with a review, and it glows: “Boneshaker introduced readers to Priest’s steampunk America, a late 18th-century setting where the Civil War drags on and the path of technology runs a bit differently than it did in our own history books. But, while the first book focused on strange yellow gases and the science-spawned zombies that roam within the walled city of Seattle, Clementine takes us on a wild chase across the sky in hydrogen-powered airships…She throws cliches, formulaic writing and caution to the wind as her airships scream through the sky. From zombies to sky pirates — I can hardly wait to see where she takes us next.”