Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gabriella Lucretia

Shop Name: Gabriella Lucretia- The shop is named after my 12 year old daughter. Just so I don't slight the others, I have 2 other children Donovan and Brandon.
Shop Link:
Location: Beautiful San Clemente, California
Ships to: United States but I have shipped to Australia and Canada, so anywhere is negotiable

What Inspires you? First myself and then fashion. Most important to me is that I wouldn't make anything that I wouldn't wear myself. Second, is I love fashion. It gives you the ability to define yourself with your clothes, accessories, and style. You can be as individualistic or conforming as you want purely with what you wear. I love that. If we all walked around naked what a very boring world it would be.

How long have you had your shop on Etsy? Opened in April 2008 and my first sale was in May

Is this a job or a hobby? Lucky for me I have a graduate degree in a medical field that has served me well for many years. So this Etsy adventure, is just that, an adventure. But, I love every minute of it and know it will be a full time career for me someday.

How did you get into your craft? Well, many, many moons ago I was going to go to fashion design school in NYC but things like fear of leaving home, kids at a young age, etc., kind of derailed me, so I took another road. So I have always been creative and 'crafty' but only as a hobby. I have had many creative phases in my life. My most favorite phases has been sewing costumes, making leather purses, and currently re purposing vintage jewelry.

Do I have any advice for fellow shop owners?: It sounds so very cliche but sometimes that is the best advice. Make whatever you love to make! Then be positive and happy with it, be patient, and the buyers will find you. It's a big universe with lots of unique individuals, sometimes it just takes time to find you.

What do you love about steampunk? It's funny because steampunk found me. That's because, I like to take vintage pieces, mostly antique and Victorian brass and reinvent them with things you can wear with today's fashion which in a sense is the essence of steampunk.

Of course to purists, steampunk is more blending of the Victorian past and a technological future but that's a whole other blog.

I just love steampunk because it's about reinvention.

Anything else you would like to add?: The Etsy Steam Team is a great group of eclectic, very intelligent, supportive and talented artists. I don't think I could have opened my shop without the support of everyone in the group. Thanks everyone!!!! Donna (my real name)


TotusMel said...

So glad you are adventuring with us!

Fatal Attraction said...

Beautiful work and beautiful artist!