Monday, July 21, 2008

banbury cross by adicat

Name: adrienne everitt *no capital letters please, for i find the capital a esthetically unpleasant, and i am an improper noun*

Shop Name: banbury cross, art and oddities

Shop Link:

Location: Oakville, Ontario Canada ~ just west of Toronto

Ships To: Anywhere and then some!

What inspires you? Oooh tough question! i would say that my main sources of inspiration are fandom and the natural world. Fandom is the culture that is born out of the worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy, comic books, movies, books, television shows... William Morris and the arts and crafts movement are also a really big deal for me, the idea of putting FORM before FUNCTION and reflecting the natural world... There is something so compelling about the idea of an artist's utopia, where people work together to create things of beauty, everything is made for the individual by the individual~ true artisan culture, which is why i think that i am so attracted to Etsy and to the Steam Team.

How long have you had your shop on Etsy? Not so long, since just before this past Christmas.

Is this a job for you or a hobby? Another tough question, frankly i have to do this, it is my job, in the sense that this and my work in Fandom and costuming, gives me an identity and a sense of purpose, outside of being a mum. i was diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder after much torment, following the birth of my second son. Having always know that i was different, and that things were harder for me emotionally, i got to a point where i had to seek help, eventually it came to a decision between my career in, at the time, retail, and my children, clearly my children needed me more. So that is where my attention is focused. Financially my art helps us have the extras that a double income family would have, as it is just me and the kids. But more importantly my art gives me an outlet and a sense of accomplishment. I speak freely of this because i believe to not talk about mental illness is to foster the stigma and prejudices that are so prominent in today's society. Historically speaking art and bi-polar disorder, also called manic depressive illness are intricately tied, i take comfort in that.

How did you get into your craft? i have always had a need to create and modify things, i do not remember a time where i was not involved in some form of art, there were formal lessons growing up, as well as more domestic and crafty pursuits, when i was younger i used to make miniature horse blankets, saddles, and bridles for my Breyer horses! Sewing and making jewelry became refined as i wanted more and more costumes!!!

Do you have any advice for fellow Etsy shop owners? Be yourself, be kind, and do not get discouraged, i have not had many sales on Etsy, but many people look, and have 'hearted' my shop, to me this is rewarding too, that my art is being appreciated, however, more sales would be nice too!

What do you love about Steampunk? Steampunk represents so much hope, and determination, Airships and submersibles, adventure and beauty. We are given a romanticized view of the world, a world that shines through rose tinted goggles. In literature, Steampunk often follows a theme of uncertainty and turmoil, yet there is comfort in the fact that the machines can be fixed by our own hands, that we can see the pieces working and know their place. In today's world we cannot touch the workings of our machines, most of us only have a simple grasp of how a computer works, or how our television works, Steampunk allows us a world where we can take control of our surroundings and get our hands dirty.

Anything else you would like to add? i would like to encourage people to think about how they shop, think about how your purchases affect the environment and the world, when you are shopping for a gift, or something new for your home, think about how the item was made, who made it, what type of legacy of waste is your purchase leaving behind? Buying handmade, is good for the economy, its good for the environment, especially as many people are finding new ways to use things, diverting them from the landfills~ You have power when you buy, you can chose to buy handmade items, helping individuals and the economy at the same time. You can choose to buy fair trade items, that help developing countries build schools and medicines. You can choose to buy things that use less packaging. There is so much power in how you choose to spend your money. You can make a difference.


Wenchie said...

Very good interview and Yeay for being eco friendly!

. c h o k l i t . said...

Bravo for your refreshing openness and the great interview, adicat!

Joei Reed said...

Beautiful stuff!

Clyde said...

Bravo for your honesty about bi-polar it is only through talking about it openly that people are going to come to a better understanding about how mental health effects so many people and how they deal with it.