Monday, June 9, 2008


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My name is Kathryn, Now I call myself SteamPunk Granny. If I were younger I would be the hottie wearing all the cool dressings of SteamPunk! The other day I was in a Antique shop and there was a black flapper shirt that would be Great attire for SteamPunk, it was beautiful!! The only reason I didn't get it was I am to old and the size I grew out of 30 years ago. My husband says if you like SteamPunk Style who cares...Wear it! Oh ya, sure...I live in a area in the Midwest, Northern Woods of Minnesota that people don't even know what a style is..they would lock me up.
I was inspired with gears before SteamPunk was even a word. Just totally love gears and collected them long time ago..I collected Many things, really anything different and weird. Vintage jewelry was my biggy for collecting for a long while so My OldVintageLady Etsy shop was easy to set up...most of it was Mine and the things I didn't want to list I am able to add gears and other metals and WaaLaa...SteamPunk or what I consider SteamPunk...I believe SteamPunk is the attitude of the expression of the Artist. What is weird I made a SteamPunk piece before I even knew what SteamPunk was..and it was Hyla that bought it. Hyla and I were in another group and she kept talking about this SteamPunk thing and at first I just ignored her and then finally one day I looked into it and WOW, I love it!! That was the beginning, now it is hard not to do anything else but SteamPunk but go out of my way to make sure my shop carries all kinds of art. The weirder the art the quicker is sells in my JewelryByTiKi shop. My first shop was InteriorGlassDesigns which is Stained Glass and opened that in May of 2007. I have been doing Stained Glass for over 30 years and developed a technique in metal work that I can now use to do custom work on Jewelry. JewelryByTiKi shop was opened in July and I did only magnetics...Did not sell At All!! So changed the theme of jewelry all together and it begin to, I am satisfied with my sales and just love the people that I meet through my shop, they know I am weird and appreciate it!

As for what you do and create what is in your heart is shows just like your Aura.

This is my job...Full time job...I love making art and Etsy...Now the team... SteamTeam also. Definitely some Great Artists in the team...very talented

What I like about SteamPunk is....EVERYTHING...the colors, which is none. Metals, black, the industrial look, textures, it really is wide open depending on the way it is put together.

I grew up in a junk yard and now I get to use all the things from my child hood...JUNK! Just love junk..What is weird with this SteamPunk, I have some pretty UPITY Professional women friends that drive over 180 miles to come to see me in the woods and they by allot of my jewelry that never even gets to get to Etsy. We are talking 60 years old to 80..Guess what they buy...Mostly SteamPunk!!

Kathryn's 4TH Shop: KatrinasTreasures


Hyla Waldron said...

I love you Kathryn! You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Awesome!

I think you are a hottie in disguise, your just fooling around about being and old granny!

TotusMel said...

Wonderful should wear your steampunk outfits anyway, you're never too old to do what you feel!

Niffer said...

Hey I digg it- woodsy Steampunk Witch wahooo! I see a kindred spirit.

Sarah Dungan said...

These interviews are so much fun to read. I'm with the 'wear it anyway' vote, people who don't get it aren't fun enough to be worth worrying about ;-)

Wenchie said...

"Hyla and I were in another group and she kept talking about this SteamPunk thing and at first I just ignored her "
How could you ignore Hyla LOL and steampunk isn't just for the younginns, that is what makes it a very versatile style. So wear it proudly ^_^

Callooh Callay said...

There's such an advantage to having been in the business for a while--your jewelry is fantastic! Great interview.

L said...

I think one of the great things about steamy style is that you *don't* have to be 18 and a size 2 to pull it off. Go for it!